About Us

We are passionate about helping people get what they want and at the same time contributing towards a greater cause. Our goal is to bring quality, speed, simplicity, fairness, & confidence to merchandise choices. Our’s is a new business established in 2020 but what we lack in years of existence is very well compensated by our passion for customer excellence.

We pledge to donate 2% of all sales to Bardet Biedl Syndrome Foundation (https://www.bardetbiedl.org/). Bardet Biedl Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder with highly variable symptoms which may include retinal degeneration, obesity, reduced kidney function, polydactyly among many other features

Meet our Leader

Nick is a computer science engineer with a master’s in business administration (MBA) from University of Texas in USA. He started his career as a software engineer working mostly on web-based applications for different Tier 1 clients in Japan, India, United Kingdom and USA.
Working with these customers taught him the importance of delivering quality products and services as well as importance of meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.
Nick drives other IT businesses as well apart from Tresella. The company is in the Dallas area in Texas, USA.